Isn’t Facebook a wonderful thing? When I first signed up I wasn’t entirely convinced it was really worth the effort, after all I’m not really that into the ‘social networking’ thing. After a few visits the site code behind it showed itself to be a bit on the unpredictable side with some very strange actions when navigating around it, which left me less than enthusiastic. That said, I get some very odd behaviour on eBay too. Both sites will insist that I download the php or cgi instead of actually executing it every now and then.

Still, Facebook is proving that it isn’t the quality of the code that is important, but that it’s all about who uses the site. Back in late November I, for some reason, got the urge to set up a few groups on Facebook to see who dropped by. One in particular has taken off, and that is the Polydrama one. For those that read this and don’t know, Polydrama was the drama group from the days when it was Portsmouth Polytechnic and not a University. Yes, this geek has other leanings too 🙂

So the main purpose of this post is to try and get a decent placing in Google for Polydrama, with a reference to Facebook and see who else can be found from the dim, distant and no doubt embarrassing past! If you don’t want to join Facebook, drop me a line directly to find out what’s happening.

As an aside, it is interesting to see that Facebook has managed something that Friends Reunited failed to do. I assume that there are those keen to track down old friends and willing to invest in doing so, who found Friends Reunited a good vehicle, whereas others find the free nature of Facebook suites the initial idle curiosity that then snowballs… or maybe it’s just a matter of timing 😉

Now what I need to do is dig through the boxes of old photos and get to work with the scanner. I think I’ve got a video somewhere too, so more stuff to try transferring onto DVD!