I guess you’ve stopped by this page to find out a bit about the person writing this blog. I suppose I ought to put you out of your misery then 🙂

OK, I have a history of working with OS/2 and Windows, but prefer to work with Linux these days. The OS/2 bit is getting to be pretty ancient history now though! I also do the odd bit of work with Macs of various ages. Most of my own Mac kit is pretty ancient too. Not quite as ancient as my small collection of retro machines though, many salvaged from a horrible end of some sort. They mainly let me relive the days when computers hadn’t had the fun ripped out of them by the modern world of Microsoft Windows. Thank goodness for Linux is all I can say. It makes computers usable.

Work wise, I run my own business, /aptanet/. I mainly do ICT support for small businesses and charities. Clearly this means I have to keep my hand in with Windows, but thankfully the server side of things is mostly Linux, and there’s plenty of fun to be had with Apache, PHP, Perl and web based applications for some of the web sites I manage.

For fun I sail, when I get the chance, and keep a boat in Langstone Harbour. I also have a wife and to sons to devote most of my free time to. It has to be said that I do enjoy computers for fun as well, that’s retro with the likes of the Sinclair, Acorn and Commodore micro computers (amongst others) and Linux (which gives a spill over into work), I’d never class Windows as fun 😉

I’m also keen on wildlife and the environment (particularly cetaceans, but I’m really not fussy!), although wouldn’t class myself as an expert in any way. Since I’m currently working on a revamp of my business (as of October 2009 if you read this sometime later) I’d be interested to hear from anyone looking for help with websites or IT work in this field – that way I can combine my interests and really enjoy work 🙂 That’s of particular interest if you are looking for an ongoing relationship for maintaining the site, and building a community – it is far more enjoyable to continue to develop a site than to just design and walk away, particularly if you can engage the community and garner feedback.

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