What have I done?

As the title says, what have I done? Just before Christmas (this post has been sitting in draft form for a while!) I spent some time with my eldest son, Aaron, showing him how I set up a website. This involved configuring Apache, installing WordPress, creating a MySQL database and then using WordPress to choose a theme and create some content. This was to some extent a bit of a whistle stop tour, but he has had fun deciding on what content to put in, and we have had some interesting discussions about being careful what you write and this issues around copyright on images, etc.

I’ve set him up as a contributor so that anything he posts has to be approved. The big question is, how much work have I let myself in for, and what interesting discussions are there in store? I guess also there’s the question of whether it will be frequently updated. Perhaps he will put me to shame, he’s already had more comments than I have, and so has my younger son, Scott!

For the record, the sites are:


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