Empathy MSN bug

Yesterday I noticed that one of my two MSN accounts wasn’t logging in but instead was returning the error message “No Reason Specified”, which isn’t all that helpful really. I wasn’t overly worried because to be honest I don’t really use MSN, it just idles when ever my machine is on, much like my Yahoo and AIM accounts. I use Google Talk and Facebook Chat on the whole, with the odd venture into Skype.

Anyway, today the second account started giving the same error, so I decided something must be wrong, and I should take a look. If nothing else I wanted to find out whether it was me or something that needed raising as a bug. It looks as though this is a general problems and there should be a bug fix to the python-papyon package on the way, but to summarise the details from Ubuntu bug #664570:

Find the file


and edit the line

CONTACTS = ("contacts.msn.com", "?fs=1&id=24000&kv=7&rn=93S9SWWw&tw=0&ver=2.1.6000.1")

and replace it with

CONTACTS = ("contacts.msn.com", "MBI")

Personally I always leave the original line there as a comment for reference or backout purposes 🙂

Then restart Empathy and you should be fine.

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